Wallpaper of the Day – Schuppan 962CR

Today's Wallpaper of the Day is a Special one... As it's not every day I get to feature a car designed and built by someone who has the same first name as myself. This is the 1994 Schuppan 962CR, designed and built by Vern Schuppan, winner of the 1983 24 hours of Le Mans. The 962CR is based on the dominant Le Mans-winning Porsche 962 race car which Schuppan raced and owned with his own team. It is powered by a Twin-Turbo 3.3 liter Flat Six which puts out 600hp, and delivers that power to the road through a 5 speed manual transmission. Weighing in at 2,315 pounds, with a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds, and a top speed of 230 mph, this car doesn't just look like the racing car on which it's based, it goes like it as well. To purchase one new, it'd set you back $1.9 Million dollars back in 1994. With it's lofty price, and the mid-90's economy, it's little surprise that only 5 or 6 were ever built (exact numbers are unknown), making it one of the rarest Supercars ever made. Two of which were never paid for after they were delivered, and as a result, Schuppan had to declare bankruptcy, shutting down not just his company, but his racing team as well.